How to create an inspiring workspace

My workspace is my haven. Why? Because I spend so much bloody time at my desk, I thought it ought to be! There is nothing worse than being stuck in an uninspiring workspace when you are meant to be well...inspired! So how did I do it? Scroll down to check out my top tips for creating an inspiring workspace. 

1. L I G H T

Let the natural light shine in. The bigger the window, the better! There is nothing quite like fresh air to fuel the mind.

2. C O L O U R 

Colour equals energy. And we want to have light, happy, inspiring energy when we work. I am all about white, clean spaces as cluttered rooms with too much colour stress me out. BUT it's so lovely to incorporate colour in stationery, flowers, crystals etc. 

     3. P O S T U R E

    Get a good chair! Or better yet, sit on one of those pilates balls. Your core will thank you!  Invest now instead of paying a physio later.

    4. All hail Feng Shui

    Incorporating the basic elements of: fire, earth, air, and water into your space will make such a difference. What the hell am I talking about? So that means bringing in candles, plants, fresh air, a salt lamp, crystals or and a nice (small) fountain.


    Vision statement. Write it, draw it, print it out whatever - your vision statement for why you are doing what you are doing and should be visible to you all day long. We attract what we believe, so start attracting awesomeness like your vision statement says!