Top 10 signs your body image sucks

1. When you look in the mirror or see a photo of yourself, you feel a shame, sadness or panic.

2. You long to be skinnier, even though you’ve given up dieting and are working on accepting your body.

3. You let other people’s opinions dictate how you feel about yourself. Other people’s opinions dictate your actions, such as whether you’re going to hit the beach or say no to a social occasion because you’re "tired".

4. You can’t help but compare yourself to other women - on the TV, in the magazines, at the gym, at the office, on the street and on social media.

5. You feel like nothing you do is ever “enough.” You are not productive enough, fit enough, sexy enough, organised enough etc. Or you aren’t a good enough wife, mother, friend, employee, etc.

6. You think you’ll finally feel good about yourself when your to-do list is complete. You feel a lot of guilt around things you “should” be doing and aren’t.

7. You are afraid of gaining weight. You see weight as the devil. 

8. You spend more time doubting and judging yourself than enjoying the things you HAVE in your life.

9. You’re unable to accept compliments from people without feeling icky and awkward.

10. When you think about what makes you an awesome and worthy woman, you have a hard time coming up with five things.

I can think of five: You are badass - “females are strong as hell.” You have gifts that the world needs. You are brave for having read this. You are a woman with valuable thoughts, feelings and emotions. No one else is you and that is your power. 

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